Reproduction Ford XY GT Falcon Shakers. Good quality cast alloy with cast and tapped bosses so you can bolt them to almost anything, made right here in Australia by AussieSpeed. Bolt them directly to your bonnet, air cleaner or air box. Toss away your sun beaten fibreglass replica top and revive your ride with this affordable alloy unit. 

These shaker tops came out on Australian Ford XY GT Falcons in 1971 however they were the same as the units found in the USA on Ford Mustangs and Ford Torino muscle cars in the late sixties.
Examples below show how easy it is to just bolt the Shaker on to what ever you like, you can add your own detail like rubber and paint or even make your own air box that sits under the bonnet.  If you are after a factory looking scoop to hide your small air cleaner or velocity stack that just peaks through a hole in the bonnet, then this shaker will suit.  Those guys with high rise performance inlet manifolds can gain the height they need under the bonnet with wisely chosen components and still retain a factory muscle car look on the outside without going for a drag racing type fibreglass scoop. Want to keep it legal and not get hassled on the street? then this shaker should be considered.
You can also bolt the shaker to the top of a standard Ford pressed tin air cleaner lid like the one shown here to give a more authentic factory look without the big price tag.
If you are looking to gain underbonnet height for performance engines, there are some slight variations in depth on the standard Ford air cleaners.  Get yourself a shallow one and bolt this shaker to the lid. You may note that our shakers sit flat underneath, a genuine Ford Unit or repro fibre glass unit have a step down on the under side so with ours you gain about 20mm [3/4 inch].  As you know every bit of height helps if you are trying to dial in your carbi with spacers.
Shown below is the polished version of the GT Shaker fitted to an old reproduction fibre glass shaker assembly on a 289 Windsor powered 1967 Mustang.  All be it a dusty Mustang too, at least it is well used and you can see our photos are real and not fluffed up images.

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