Standard replacement pushrods available for Ford, Holden, Chev, V8 and six cylinder pushrod motors.

NOTE: It is important to check your valve train geometry becasue reconditioned engines usually have had machining, for example the head milled or shaved and the block faced or decked. In instances like these with a new billet cam the standard OEM length pushrods maybe too long depending on how much material has been taken off the block or heads. Therefore it is important to check and purchase the right length rods to ensure correct valve train geometry and hence give your new engine the best chance of a long service life. Poor valve train geometry can lead to premature ware and parts breaking.

To understand more about valve train geometry have a look at these articles click on the images below.

If you do need different length push rods you will have to choose from our Street and Race series pushrods, which are more expensive than a standard rod however they are available in a wide variety of legths to allow you to get your valve train geometry spot on.

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Ford 4.1 ltr Crossflow XF Pushrods - OEM Replacement part standard length, 9.682
Holden 186 Pushrods - OEM Replacement part standard length, hardened 9.136
Holden 202 Pushrods - OEM Replacement part standard length, hardened 9.016

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