Hot Rod Cycle Guard Kits - Hiboy Hot Rod mud guards

32 Ford Hiboy bot rod cycle mud guards
Mud guard kits for Hiboy style hot rods by Kustom Bitz are available as a weld up kit in stainless steel, or mild steel, for both front and rear wheels.  These are the components we use in our own work shop to produce a stylish professionally made mud guard brackets.
Cycle Gaurd Kits for Hiboy hot rods mud guard kits

Above is an example of the rear wheel cycle guard bracket kit for a solid axle.  The mild steel bracket gets welded to the diff housing and then the cycle gaurd brackets bolt to it.  Our brackets are cut to relieve stress. Cycle guard brackets are pone to cracking from the road vibration because they have a lot of leverage on them once a mud guard is fitted.  Kustom Bitz has designed our brackets to eleviate the common problem areas when fabricating cycle guard brackets to make them more reliable than just bending up some pieces of flat bar.
The Kustom Bitz cycle guard brackets for the front wheels will suit both our own IFS and I beam front ends.  The standard front cycle guard kit will suit all 37-41 Ford I beam style spindles both stock Ford and after market parts like for example Rod Tech and SoCal.  These standard front cycle gaurd kits will also suit Rod Tech IFS spindles.

Mud gaurds for hot rods hot rod cylce guards  Old school cycle guards fenderless hot rods
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Rear hot rod cycle guard brackets by Kustom Bitz  Cylce guard kits custom made cycle guards for hot rods
By cutting individual parts to shape it means not much welding and in some cases no bending at all and in other case a small set in the up right pieces so they follow the tyre nicely.  It also makes poishing a lot safer, you can polish the individual parts once they are trimmed and shaped before you weld them together. Attempting to polish a welded up bracket from scratch is a good way to loose a limb, The design of these brackets put the welds in an easy part to touch up one done.
Hot Rod cycle guards polished chrome stainless steel
Kustom Bitz can fit up the cycle guard brackets to your hot rod using one of our kits and polish the stainless steel for a finish like in the example pictures above.  Alternatively for the budget minded we can make them in mild steel and you can just paint them.  Roll up your own guards, or fit fibre glass mud guards, or we can roll them up for you ~ priced on application.  All workshop work is done at our standard hourly rates plus materials.
Kustom Bitz can custom make cycle guard brackets to suit other front end and rear end applications using quality laser cut pieces as you see here in our standard range. Priced on application.

Hot Rod Cycle Guards

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Hot Rod Cycle guard bracket kit - Front Wheel - I beam or IFS - Mild Steel
Hot Rod Cycle guard bracket kit - Front Wheel - I beam or IFS - Stainless Steel
Hot Rod Cycle guard bracket kit - Rear Wheel - solid axle - Mild Steel
Hot Rod Cycle guard bracket kit - Rear Wheel - solid axle - Stainless Steel

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