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Engine Swaps and Engine Conversions V8, V6, straight six, 4 cyl

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Make sure you read the following before calling us.

Engine conversions need careful consideration given to clearances, engine accessories, steering and exhaust. The only way to go, is to do it properly and put in the time. Gone are the days of just hacking away at the firewall, sub-frame and floor to make the engine fit. All engine swaps need to be properly engineered to maintain street registration and require an engineers report for the work done. Kustom Bitz uses an independent engineer to ensure our work qualifies with state registration standards when necessary.

Kustom Bitz can do as little or as much as you want. From the complete engine conversion, including alternator and power steering pump bracket modifications and new fabrication, through to custom headers, wiring, ECU, Fuel system and exhaust modifications.

We mainly do Hot Rod engine conversions, Kustoms, custom cars, family sedans, muscle cars, daily drivers and pick up trucks of the pre-emissions compliant type of vehicle, so pre 1980s or there abouts depending on the model. 

We are not set up to do late model 4x4s of any kind.  In fact all late model cars post 1990s that have to meet strict emissions and noise level ADRs, there is much expense in making them compliant for full rego that the average punter cant justify the expense. Most enquiries revolve around an expensive quote to repair the car you already have and think it would be easier or money better spent to convert it to a Chevy LS engine.  In most cases you will spend two to three times what the car is worth to do the conversion in a compliant way, so you need to be keen and have really deep pockets.

What ever your passion is, if you are keen and well funded then the sky is the limit.

A typical basic engine conversion using your engine supplied and just doing some basic fabrication and set up work starts from around $2500. Yet most daily driver pre-pollution model applications have been closer to $6000 to $8000 by the time we get the engine accessories and exhaust spliced in etc. ready to drive away.  It all depends on how you deliver the car and engine to us and what homework you have done to see if it is even feasible. Kustom Bitz charges for all planning and research work plus the time it takes to do the job, so make sure your ideas have a sound basis and the probability of working in the first place before you contact us. The costs can easily blow out on the more difficult jobs or really tight engine bays.  If firewall and or floor pan alterations are needed then costs can escalate quickly.

EFI applications can run into quite a lot more than that indicated above because there is just so much more time and parts that gets buried into it over the long run to make it work reliably so be prepared to work at it, if that’s what you really want. It is quite easy for a modern engine swap involving ECU, wiring and fuel system changes to run into 20 to 30k +.  Then there is the additional cost of the engine, trans, tailshaft, brake upgrade, diff etc. and does it need rebuilding or replacing etc. So if that's scaring you, or you thought you would get out of it for under 10k, you might have to save a bit longer or it will take a lot longer to throw enough funds at it.

If all of the above has not scared you off, or dampened your enthusiasm, then you probably have the tenacity to see it through and we should talk.

All engine conversions are done at an hourly rate + parts + materials, no exceptions.

Questions and Answers.

Q: Can you make me some engine mounts to install a "xxx engine" into my "xxx model" car or pick up.
A: I would need the car and the engine obviously to do that. Alternatively if you can provide detailed engineering drawings yes I can fabricate anything.

Q: Do you do engine conversion kits?
A: No, I perform fabricate and install jobs. 

Q: I have purchased an engine conversion kit from another supplier and I am over it, out of my depth etc. can you do it for me?
A: Yes. As long as it is not a Commodore or a four wheel drive.

Q: Can you convert my 6 cylinder Commodore to a V8.
A: No, we do not work on Commodores.

Q: I want to convert my four wheel drive [Jeep, Landcruiser, Nissan Patrol, Hilux, what ever] to an LS engine
A; No, I do not work on 4WD, they are not my thing, I am just not into them.

Q: Do you work on classic and vintage cars
A: Yes. I prefer to work on old vintage and classic cars. From restos' to old speed cars, that is my passion.

Q: I am looking to convert my car to a different engine what do you suggest.
A: Man this is a so open ended question, thats not what I do, I can't be across all model cars and all engine conversion options. What do you want to put in it and why.

Q: Can you put a Barra motor in my "xxx"
A: A barra motor can be put in anything however remember it would be cheaper to buy a Falcon or similar with a Barra already in it if it is just the motor and turbo you want to play around with.  Please read the following two answers for the LS engine as the work load putting a Barra in something else is the same.

Q: Can you put an LS engine in my "xxx"
A: An LS engine can be put in anything however it would be cheaper to buy a Holden, Chevy or similar with an  LS already in it or just rebuild the small block that is already in it.  You will see cheap LS motors or drive lines at the moment, but what you do not see is the time it takes to make it work, the extra parts, the wiring, ECU, fuel system changes and the engineering, debugging, fault finding, emissions tests and making the rest of the car compliant to current ADRs.  It takes deep pockets to see it through for a fully registerable vehicle if you have to pay me or others to do all the work. 

Q: I want to put an LS in it to make the car more reliable.
A: Seriously I fail to see how putting more electronics into an old car will make it more reliable, there is just more to go wrong with it as it ages.  Sure they drive nice from new in a new car that has gone through years of development but expect to go through your own development issues when doing the swap, don't kid yourself on this one, I have heard a few people mutter I should have just rebuilt the old engine it would have been much cheaper and simpler in the long run.

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