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Cabin Set up - Seats and Column

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Comfortable driver position and cabin set up - Priced from

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I am surprised by how many badly set up cabin spaces I come across. I am a large fella so generally speaking if I fit and I am comfortable you will be too, possibly my only advantage I have found to being a big fella . Model A fords and 32 Ford Roadsters have very limited space available, then try to fit too much into this space and you're in trouble pretty quick. Doing whats easy and what is right is where most go wrong in this space.

The pictures show some examples of cabin spaces I have set up, styled, made internal panels for that could be painted or upholsterd and then organised the upholstery to be done.

Seat choice, height of seat, angle of seat, roadster or hard top, seat belt mounts, gear stick position, pedals, steering column position and length, type of steering wheel, door card / arm rest set up, gauge position, indicator lamps, rear view mirror, hand brake ..... get it wrong and the car is not nice to drive and from my experience if you do not enjoy driving the car you will not use it that much no matter how cool it looks.

Somethings can be changed and other aspects cannot not be changed, you just have to work with what you have, it is a compact space and most likely will never be perfect but making it the best it can be is always the goal.

The typical boat seat [upolstered piece of board] is not something we can do much with for guys with bad backs. A Board and foam just doesn't give enough springyness to stop the bumps transfering to your spine or giving you a sore arse on longer drives. A proper seat is the go with a spring frame and good high density foam under the upholstery.  This is where your space is compromissed to fit a conventional seat in, but it can be done and I have done it before.  Steering column position plays a big part in being a comfortable driver too, more than you possibly realise.

This is not a product - It is an example of our fabrication skills and engineering experience.

Price is indicative. All work is done at an hourly rate, plus parts, plus materials.

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