Need a Reseller

If you do not already have an agent in Melbourne Australia or they are not performing well then possibly we can help.
What sort of products are we interested in?
Well pretty much anything to do with old cars, Kustoms, Hot Rods, and Dragsters and preferably not what everyone else is providing for. We see no point in doing the same as everyone else. We would not get too excited about taking on a product that someone else is currently selling, or has been selling, unless that you the manufacturer, wish to change distributors through poor performance or that a particular distributor has decided to drop your line of product.
To get more of a feel for what we are about as a company it may be of benefit to read through our “Got a Product Idea” section and see our passion for Hot Rods in “Our Hot Rod Heritage” section.
What value adding can Kustom Bitz provide your product?
Ø      We are self sufficient - If needed we can write a technical paper or an installation manual, at our discretion, to support the use and promotion of your product.
Ø      Your product will be regularly promoted on a rotational basis, at our discretion, with other products in our magazine advertising and taken to Hot Rod shows and swap meets to be displayed on our trade stand.
Ø      Kustom Bitz will learn all we need to know about your product to support sales.
Ø      As an authorised distributor we would wherever possible stock your faster moving products to service our customers better.
Ø      Your product is marketed with the utmost of respect for upholding and maintaining your premium brand name.
Ø      We are true enthusiasts with a passion for this stuff; we actively participate and attend various events.
Ø      Honest market feed back – an honest evaluation of comments we receive from buyers of your product.
Ø      We do not expect or particularly want any exclusive arrangements to sell your product. We feel that arrangements like these are counter productive to both parties. If we don’t perform for you, just kick us in the pants because we would probably deserve it.
Ø      We have strong morals with regards to honest business ethics and customer service. Although our sense of humour is slightly bent.
What does Kustom Bitz expect in return?
Ø      Your product must be a proven to work quality product – we are not interested in cheap rubbish products.
Ø      You must be a reliable supplier – we cannot sell what we do not have.
Ø      As we do not expect any exclusive arrangements from you, you cannot expect any such arrangements from us. If you do not perform for us we are not going to let you hold us back from being successful.
Ø      At all times your business ethics and conduct will be under constant scrutiny.
Ø      We expect a viable resale price arrangement where it is possible for us to stock and shift your product and make a living from it.
Ø      We would expect some recognition from you as us being a supplier of your products. For example where appropriate a simple link to us from your web site would be sufficient.
Ø      We are realistic - most successful things take a lot of time and effort, just because we take you on board there are no overnight guarantees to your or our success with your product. We will however assure your product the attention and support it deserves.
If this all sounds like you, pick up the phone and call Ron on 0407 818 511 or visit our “contact us” page for other details.

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